Easy Does It.

How many times have you wished there were more hours in a day? Or thought to yourself, “how is it 8 o’clock already?” Yet, the happiest and most successful people we know somehow manage to do everything they need to and still have time further their education, dabble in their hobbies, pursue new interests, or completely unplug and watch a movie on the couch just because they felt like it. We all have the same hours in the day, but even as I rush through — what feels like — a revolving door of tasks, I’m still scrambling at the end of the day. Exhausted.

But that’s just it. I’m rushing.

We’re not meant to rush through life. It’s a gift for us to enjoy, to cherish, and to live to the fullest. Yes, as an essential part of growing up, we all have our responsibilities, but how did I decide that I don’t like them when I haven’t even give myself the chance to enjoy them at all? Take laundry for example: rushing through the sorting of loads isn’t going to make the cycle run any faster or the towels dry any quicker. I actually like sorting and organizing, so why do I think I hate doing laundry? Maybe if I hum a little tune, take my time, and just…




…laundry could be actually fun. Laundry could even make me happy. Learning to slow things down and take in every task for what it fully has to offer beyond the surface could make me more fulfilled than I ever thought I could be…and I’d still have the same amount of time left in the day. Soon, those tasks probably wouldn’t even feel like chores at all. They’d be opportunities for me to map out my dreams, cultivate creativity, exercise minimalism, and who knows what else? The possibilities are endless.

Imagine that.

I think now is the perfect time to incorporate The Kinfolk living into my life. I was introduced to this series of books by Nathan Williams awhile ago, but I didn’t quite understand the value in identifying slow living and refining the art of meaningful work for me at the time. Maybe I just wasn’t ready yet; maybe my heart was still young and my mind was still clouded. But now, I think my heart has finally matured enough and I think I can see the fog lifting just beyond my mind’s horizon. Now, I think I’m ready.

So with The Book of Joy on its way and now this three-part series — The Kinfolk Home, The Kinfolk Table, and The Kinfolk Entrepreneur — dusted off, I have no doubt I will have hard goals to set, obstacles to overcome, and changes to make in the near future. But I also have no doubt that I will find my happiness, rediscover my sense of self, and have so much to share along the way.

DAY 3. Love, Ro


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