It’s All About Perspective.

You know that song “Don’t Worry Be Happy” by Bobby McFarrin? It goes something like this:

In every life we have some trouble,
When you worry you make it double,
Don’t worry, be happy.
Ain’t got no place to lay your head,
Somebody came and took your bed,
Don’t worry, be happy.
The land lord say your rent is late,
He may have to litigate,
Don’t worry, be happy.

Sounds simple enough, but it’s difficult for us to stop worrying about something simply because it’s pointless. We know it doesn’t help to worry, yet we always do.

The key is not the denial of pain and suffering but rather, a shift in perspective — from oneself to others, from anguish to compassion. We need to acknowledge our pain so that it allows us to find joyfulness in it all.  If we focus only on ourselves, it’s easy to worry but if we widen our perspective, we would realize that not only do we suffer, but the rest of the world suffers with us. Knowing that we are not alone lessens our pain and deters our suffering.

“Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional.”

I bring this topic up because it’s been on my mind and I’m writing about it so I can share my thought process on overcoming my personal sufferings. I’ve been wrestling with a situation that has been distracting my focus, causing mental pain, and well, worrying me. I’ve been struggling for awhile to not let it overwhelm me and today, I decided that this needs to end. I need to remember that while there may be the feeling of pain, suffering only comes as a result of my response to that pain.

I need to change my perspective.

There will always be frustrations in our lives but rather than deciding on how to best escape them, we should be focusing on how to turn them into opportunities to spread compassion instead. It doesn’t require any talking or convincing; the shifting the perspective unites our situations with others and enlarges our identities to allow us to just embody compassion. Besides, nothing beautiful comes without some suffering.

DAY 8. Love, Ro

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