Calling All Humans Alike.

When you meet someone new, do you scan them from head to toe? Do you draw conclusions about them and identify the differences between you? Do you judge them simply based on what you see? We’ve all been there and admittedly, I’ve been there more times than I’d like.

Separation is what leads us down a path of sorrow, but the path of joy is connection. Seeing each other as separate causes us to see each other as a threat. But we have all been in similar situations and we have all survived — even thrived — collectively. When we see each other as a part of us, as connected, as interdependent, then there is no challenge we cannot face — together. We all relate on a basic human level. Just like me, you are also seeking happiness, to have fewer problems and less difficulties in your life. In contrast, relating to others as different, whether it be race, age, religion, position and so forth, creates walls of separation, even solitude. Today’s society may tell us that different is good or different makes you stand out from a crowd, but if you keep thinking in terms of differences, all you’ll find is a life of loneliness. This loss of communal connection will only lead to the perception that everyone is a threat.

There is only one you in the entire world, just like there’s only one me. But if we start thinking of ourself simply as fellow humans, we have seven billion other people to feel a deep connection with and that alone is a wonderfully reassuring feeling.

What do you need to worry about when you have seven billion other people right there with you? This question alone brings everything into focus with a new perspective, This moment of connection makes everything feel like it’s going to be okay, and everything that seemed to be out of your control suddenly becomes a manageable opportunity for you…

because you are not alone.

DAY 13. Love, Ro

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