Nature’s Calling.

Just when I thought my birthday celebrations were over, my colleagues decided to plan a post-birthday camping trip for this weekend! Maybe birth-months really are a thing.

I’m so grateful I get to work with such wonderful human beings. I’m thankful for their kindness and authenticity. Starting at this company four years ago, I was unsure and quick to make judgments. I used my introverted tendencies as an excuse to not get to know them but as the years passed, I realized I was just missing out on genuine relationships so I appreciate their patience with me and for not judging me as I had judged them.

Although I haven’t taken a trip like this in awhile, this one is coming at the perfect time. It’s good to shed the busyness from time to time, and disconnect from what has become our technology-driven social norms. This will be just the opportunity I need to unplug, meditate on the teachings I’ve learned so far, and reconnect with my relationships and nature. I’m excited for how this weekend will emphasize all the simple things and encourage us rely on the only thing we really need: each other.

I’m also excited for this chance to address my old fears and introverted tendencies collectively with these colleagues who have become some of my closest friends. Even though I realized these short-comings over a year ago, they still deserve the acknowledgement and long overdue apology for my short-tempered judgments against their unwavering compassion. There was no reason for me to see them as a threat outside of my own unhappiness, but I blamed that unhappiness on them. I redirected all my anger and frustration about my stagnancy toward them but since this awareness, a constant reminder echoes softly in my head that “a calm mind is a healthy mind.”

Maybe my colleagues didn’t actually plan this trip because they wanted it or because they think I wanted it. Maybe they planned it because the stars spurred them to, knowing we needed it to mend the foundation and build a more valuable relationship.

When was the last time you consciously unplugged?

DAY 18. Love, Ro


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