The Pillars Of Joy: A Mini-Series

I’ve talked about perspective, compassion, gratitude, and generosity quite a bit already but not how exactly they fit into a lasting joyful life. There are eight pillars that support joy; four are qualities of the mind, and four are qualities of the heart. In order to overcome the obstacles of joy — like anger, suffering, frustration — we need to build cognitive immunity by filling our minds with positive qualities like these very pillars to uphold our joy.

Over the next few posts, I will be diving deeper into each of these qualities, how they came to be the essential pillars of lasting happiness, and how they are vital in supporting a joyfully fulfilled life.

Although compassion and generosity are perhaps the two qualities of the heart most pivotal to any lasting happiness, it’s best to begin with some fundamental qualities of the mind that would allow us to turn more easily and frequently to the compassionate and generous response to life.

Since we create most of our suffering, we should also be able to create more joy. The key is our perspective and the thoughts, feelings, and actions that come as a result. This brings us to our first pillar of joy and most fundamental quality of the mind: perspective.

We’ve already discussed how perspective affects the way we respond to sorrow, frustration, and envy, and we started to break down the next layer of how changing our perspective can actually change how we view reality, so this first pillar is the perfect way to open this mini-series. These conversations were perfect introductions to fully understanding the complex, yet vital role of our perspective in attaining true joyfulness.

Pillars of the Mind
Perspective. Humility. Humor. Acceptance.

Pillars of the Heart
Forgiveness. Gratitude. Compassion. Generosity.

I hope you will find the deeper discussions into each of these fundamental qualities enlightening.

DAY 27. Love, Ro

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