Pillar Of The Mind #2: Humility, Part Two

Humility can often be confused with timidity but this gives little glory to our given talents.  Humility is actually the recognition that our talents are indeed gifts so we are able to exercise on our talents with more flexibility. Humility is what allows us to celebrate the gifts of others without denying your own gifts or shying away from using them. Each of us are used in our own way in this world, and even though you may not feel like the best, you are the one needed for that moment and you are the one who is there. Remember when you went through your toughest breakup? Maybe your best friend couldn’t be there but another friend was; they may have been friend you didn’t expect but that friend ended up being the perfect one you needed for that moment.

It’s not always about who is the best, it’s about who is there.

Take preparing for an interview, for example, with a major company for your dream job. You might toss and turn in bed the night before, feeling nervous and insecure. After all, you only get one opportunity to get this right — one opportunity to captivate them with your presentation and short dialogue. You might tell yourself you’re unqualified for this position and count the fabled reasons why you’ve never gotten something like this before, but fear and doubt are inevitable whenever we challenge ourselves. It’s hard to say whether we are ever able to vanquish those voices, but whenever we are at the edge of our ability and experience, fear and doubt always manage to whisper their worried words in our ears. And although these voices are just trying to keep us safe from the unfamiliar and the unknown, they don’t dull any of the pain inflicted from self-doubt.

The problem lies in our struggle with being kind to ourselves, but if we don’t have genuine love and kindness toward ourselves, how can we extend these to others? Basic human nature is actually good — it’s positive — and keeping this in mind can already give us some courage and self-confidence. Too much self-focus is what causes our insecurities and worrying only about ourselves drives us into fear and anxiety. Instead, we need to remember that it is not about us or our limitations; we face our doubts and fears on behalf of the future generations of humanity — those who can benefit from our actions.

However, recognizing our limitations can also be something positive. It can turn into wisdom, as both growth and wisdom come from low places. When we realize that we are inadequate in some way, we develop effort. Thinking everything is fine and that we’re okay the way we are doesn’t help us grow intellectually or emotionally but if we remain humble, we can continue the possibility of learning for learning is what keeps us young and helps us maintain our sense of humor, especially our ability to laugh at our own foibles.

DAY 30. Love, Ro

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