Pillar Of The Heart #2: Gratitude, Part Two

When it starts raining, we tend to run away from it to shelter ourselves. Most of us are annoyed about the rain and change our day to avoid it. But when the drought was in full swing, we found ourselves praying to whoever we could for the rain to come back — even just a drizzle. After having missed the rain for so long, we become grateful for every drop, even just to feel a drop on our face.

Unforgiveness robs us of our ability to enjoy and appreciate our life, because we are trapped in a past filled with anger and bitterness. Forgiveness allows us to move beyond the past and appreciate the present, including the drops of rain falling on our face. Whatever life gives us, we can respond with joy. Joy is the happiness that does not depend on what happens. It’s the grateful response to the opportunity that life offers you at that very moment, even during the most horrendous ones.

The world didn’t give you your joy, and the world can’t take it away.

You can let people come into your life and destroy it or you can refuse to let anyone take your joy away. You don’t need anyone to make you laugh when you wake up in the morning. You can choose to laugh on your own because from the moment you wake up, you’ve been blessed to see another day and that thought alone should automatically fill you will joy. You could walk around saying you don’t have as much money as the next guy, but what really matters is that you were able to see the sun rise. There are many people with more money than they know what to do with, that didn’t get to see that sunrise you saw. So which is better — to have a billion dollars and not wake up, or to have only a dollar in your pocket and wake up? Anyone would probably take being broke and waking up any day of the week. There’s nothing wrong with working to be successful, but our focus shouldn’t be on getting out there and making as much money as we possibly can in our short lifetime it should be about getting out there and spreading true happiness. When you are happy, then those who hang around you become happy.

There’s no doubt we know people who have so much but they aren’t happy whereas we may not have as much as we want or dream of, but that could take us into a dangerous thinking of always wanting more and having more and we become immune to gratification. And we may not be able to figure out why those who have everything are not happy, but we can be happy because we choose to be happy.

When we are grateful, we are not fearful and when we aren’t fearful, we’re not violent. When we are grateful, we act out of a sense of enough and not out of a sense of scarcity, and we are more willing to share. And when we are grateful, we enjoy the differences between people and are respectful to all people. A grateful world is a world full of joyful people, and joyful people are wholly grateful.

So a grateful world is a happy world.

DAY 37. Love, Ro


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