Hello! I’m Ro.

I used to be a writer, penning thousands of articles about the complexities behind fashion. I identified the style elements that helped build personality and change the confidence of my audience. But now, I am an environmental consultant. I work toward building a more ethically sustainable environment by changing the way our society builds and consumes resources.  It was a labyrinth of a transition but I loved what I did and now I love what I do even more. So much so, I started adjusting my lifestyle to fit the fundamentals of what I practiced and still practice professionally. Living in the Bay Area provides me with the environment where my creativity can flourish so that I never had to let go of my writing past or give up pursuing my artistic endeavors. Here, everything inspires my penmanship, sketches, and architectural designs but I have dreams of gathering inspiration from every other corner of the world too.

All these and more may make me happy but this year, I am on a quest to find lasting happiness; a joy that is not based on circumstances or the happenings of an ever-changing — and often discouraging — world.

Before I started, my dear friends and family provided their insights and suggestions that I plan to study and incorporate into this journey, in addition to the information I’ve uncovered and will uncover on my own. Every day, for one year, I will share my discoveries, my thoughts, and my struggles. Whether you’re looking for lasting happiness yourself, need help rediscovering it, or simply want to learn about what exactly I’m looking for, I hope you will find this place helpful.

The changes I make along the way may change the length of this journey but just like my professions, I will make adjustments to fit the fundamentals of my pursuit for lasting joy.